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FAQ – Have Shoes Will Travel




Where is your store located, what is the phone number, and what are the hours?

  • 724 Anderson, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

  • 201-336-4101

  • 10-5 M-F  Sat & Sun by appointment   We will stay later,  /we can accommodate later hours, we’ll work with your schedule, we know you’re busy and we’ll work with you, That’s what personalized service is all about.


Can I order shoes and medical supplies by phone?

Yes, we are here to help you. 

  • Call us at 201-366-4101 and we will return your call during business hours. 

  • SE HABLA ESPAÑOLA - 201-220-5293

Why is Have Shoes Will Travel different than other stores? 

  • We are very proud of our personal and caring approach we give to every customer.  We will give you the time and attention you need to find the right shoes, medical supplies, and materials. We carry orthopedic and special designed shoes and will help you choose the shoes you need.



I have diabetes.  Do I need special shoes?

  • People who have diabetes are very prone to get neuropathy because diabetes causes nerve damage.  Diabetic footwear helps prevent wounds which lead to partial and complete amputation. A proper fit can provide comfort and better mobility. Because of the special design of our medical shoes your foot is not only protected, you’ll also enjoy walking all day long.


Do orthopedic/diabetic shoes come in different styles?

  • Orthopedic and diabetic shoes have evolved over the decades and are now available in many styles and colors.  We carry shoes for both men and women in over 50 different styles. You can choose from dress shoes, walking shoes, running/athletic shoes and more.  You can view shoes at our store and on line. Children's shoes will be available March 2019.


Do I Qualify for Diabetic Shoes through Medicare?

  • If you are covered under Medicare Part B and qualify under #1 &#2 you are qualified for diabetic shoes.

  • You have diabetes

  • You have one or more of the following:

    • History of foot ulcers

    • Partial or complete foot amputation

    • Foot calluses on either foot that could lead to ulcers

    • Nerve damage in your feet with signs on either foot of calluses.

    • Hammertoe, bunions or other foot deformities

    • Poor circulation in one or both feet.


Medicare – What is covered?

  • Typically Medicare covers 80% of costs and your secondary insurance the remaining amount.  You’ll need an Rx


Who takes care of the medical forms?

  • We make the process easy for you.  We’ll fill out the correct insurance forms, get your doctor’s prescription, process and bill Medicare. NJ Direct 10 now covers orthopedic shoes. Please call us and we'll help you with the insurance. 


Medicaid is my insurance, what am I covered for?

  • Medicaid in New Jersey covers one pair of medical or orthopedic shoes and inserts.  They are the same quality as our diabetic shoes.  You’ll need a prescription and we will help you process the forms.


Can anybody fit orthopedic/diabetic shoes?

  • Orthopedic/diabetic shoes must be properly fitted.   Our staff is trained and certified to provide the right fit and help you find the right shoes for your individual needs.


Will diabetic shoes make a difference?

  • There have been many studies over the last 15 years that show a dramatic decrease of foot ulcers, sores, and other circulatory problems for patients who are fitted properly and regularly wear diabetic shoes.  Wearing the right shoes can pervert problems that may lead to hospitalization and even amputation.


How long will it take to get my shoes?

  • We do our best to get your specialty shoes to you as quickly as possible.  Most shoes will available for fitting within a week.


I have arthritis; do you have shoes for me?

  • Absolutely.  Medicaid and many insurances cover shoes for arthritis.  We also have reasonably priced shoes for those not covered.


What other medical supplies do you offer?

  • We are delighted to offer a wide range of diabetic, specialty arthritis, braces, and supports.



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