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Post Operative & Sports Injury Braces


The proper support or brace can make the difference between daily pain that can lead to future injury or healing, health and movement. There are dozens of braces, supports, splints, and wraps in many sizes.  Don’t settle for the wrong product or the wrong size.  We will help you choose the products you need so you can get on with your life after a sports injury, arthritis, or over exertion.  Come by the store or call us and one of our team (not a call service from who knows where) will answer your questions and help you find what you need.


  • Wrist & Hand Supports – one size or type does not fit or help all types of hand and wrist pain.  Pain in the hand and wrist can develop from several causes including carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, and trauma. Wrist, thumb, and hand braces can provide protection, support, comfort but you need to find the right size and correct type for your needs.

  • Thumb Splints, Stabilizers, and Supports – Our thumbs allow us to do intricate and complicated things, but they can also cause pain and discomfort.  We offer braces, splints and supports specifically designed for carpal tunnel, ligament injuries, RIS, arthritic pain and/or instability. We offer thumb spica which are heat responsive and others designed to prevent sports injuries.

  • Shoulder & Neck Supports – Pain in the shoulder and neck from arthritis, muscle strain, or sports injuries can be debilitating. We offer single and double shoulder supports and neck supports which can provide protection, heat therapy, and support.

  • Elbow Supports and Wraps – Receive relief from arthritis and injuries with the right support or warp.  We offer wraps provide heat therapy, localized compression, and adjustable hinges.

  • Knee Stabilizers, Wraps & Braces – It’s easy to forget how important your knees are to your overall health and comfort until they start to hurt from sport injuries, arthritis, or hyperextension.  We offer different knee support items sized to fit.

  • Lumbar Supports – Experience real pain relief and compression for muscle injuries, and lower back dysfunctions.  Choose from supports with adjustable straps, rigid panels, and back pressure pads.

  • Ankle and Foot Braces & Supports – Reduce your discomfort and improve your healing process with the right size and variety of support.  We carry walking boots, night splints, hot & cold therapy wraps, knee and ankle braces, wraps, and stabilizers.  

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